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  • Camp Norway North East Kveik IPA

    ABV 6.3% ~ IBU 45

    Mixing East Coast and Norwegian brewing styles, our Camp Norway NEIPA is a hazy fruit explosion made with Citra and Galaxy hops, and fermented with Norwegian Kveik yeast. A robust and cleanly fermenting yeast, Kveik supercharges the beer’s fruity flavour, leaving you with a full-bodied, delicious glass of sunshine.
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  • Naked Kölsch

    ABV 4.7% ~ IBU 20

    Naked Kölsch is a crisp, clean, lagered ale with a light, ethereal head. Offering aromas of honey and pear, with subtle citrus notes, it is an authentic example of Cologne’s iconic beer style. 
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  • Flagship ESB

    ABV 4.5% ~ IBU 30

    Flagship English Special Bitter (ESB) is a golden-coloured pale ale, topped by clouds of creamy-white foam. Somewhat sweet and malty, it has the cookie/biscuit, toffee, and jammy aromas of a true pub ale. And as a British-style pale ale (aka a "bitter"), this ESB is only moderately bitter. Delicious and easy drinking, our Flagship perfectly compliments fish and chips or just an afternoon with friends.
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  • Piper Oatmeal Stout

    ABV 5% ~ IBU 30

    Piper Stout is an opaque, black-brown oatmeal stout with a thick tan-coloured head. Warming and rich for cool afternoons or misty evenings, it has a silky smooth mouthfeel thanks to a good helping of oats, while also being both a little sweet and a little bitter. Not lacking in body, it leaves you with a finish reminiscent of both chocolate milk and chocolate-covered cranberries.
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    Piper Oatmeal Stout

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