The first annual Hudson Oktoberfest at Cardinal Brewing

Three days of fun, with music, munchies, and delicious craft beer.

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Cooking with beer: Fudge brownies + Piper Oatmeal Stout

Most haven’t considered putting a hot sauce on a dessert, but when it comes to a thick, rich, chocolate fudge its truly the best way to experience the right sauce. In this case we’re mixing some of Cardinal’s Piper Oatmeal Stout in with Triple Dog’s Blue Tooth hot sauce. The unique mix of bitter blueberries and sweet blueberry honey blends perfectly with Piper Oatmeal Stout’s equally complex flavor.

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Every day is Earth Day: 22 ways we’re reducing our brewery’s environmental impact on the earth

Our brewery’s name, Cardinal, is in part a tribute to the beauty and diversity of bird species in Hudson. It also speaks to our “cardinal” values, one of which is to do our part to respect and preserve our environment.

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Meet the boiler at the heart of our all-electric brewhouse

From day one at Cardinal Brewing, we wanted to make every effort to run a sustainable business and make responsible choices for our community and our future. That’s why we made the unusual choice to move away from fossil fuels and set ourselves up as an all-electric brewery.

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Cooking with beer: Beer-battered fish & chips with fries

A lot of people are shy to approach deep frying because they’ve been sold on the commercial dream of automated fryers, but here’s the secret, the best deep fry is your skill and its not that hard.

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Flight Club: an exclusive and social club for craft beer lovers and community-minded people.

It's not just about beer. It's about bringing people together. That's why we've created Flight Club: an exclusive and social club for craft beer lovers and community-minded people.

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Where to buy Cardinal beer

The brewery is open three days a week, and our beer is also available to purchase in a growing number of local stores.

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