Our Flagship English Special Bitter (ESB) is a golden-coloured pale ale, topped by clouds of creamy-white foam. Somewhat sweet and malty, it has the cookie/biscuit, toffee, and jammy aromas of a true pub ale.

As a British-style pale ale, or bitter, this ESB is only moderately bitter, and nothing like many North American-style hop bomb pale ales and IPAs, which are the English Bitter’s new world descendants.

Delicious and easy drinking, our Flagship perfectly compliments fish and chips or just an afternoon with friends.    

A Flagship is the the first, largest, fastest, or most renowned vessel of a fleet. Until the end of the age of sail in the late 1800s, a Flagship was a first class Royal Navy ship flying the admiral’s flag.

It was also during the 19th century that English Bitters, or pale ales, were the most renowned and most widely imbibed beers in the world. Distributed throughout Britain via her new and expanding railway networks, and around the world by growing international shipping, English Bitters were the true flagships of British beers.

Flagship ESB: Tasting notes

  • A traditional British ale with a sweet toffee maltiness and aromas of cookie/biscuit and sweet fruit preserves.
  • Ingredients: Water, malted barley and wheat, hops, brewer’s yeast.
  • ABV = 4.7%
  • IBU = 30

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