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Songwriters Welcome
We encourage original music as well as cover tunes
A community of music-lovers
Hudson is home to many musicians and music-lovers

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FAQ For Musicians

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about our music program
  • Who books the music at Cardinal?

    Music inquiries should be directed to Briana. You can reach her via the website's chat widget, the contact form in the footer or on any of our social media messaging platforms.

  • When do you offer live music?

    We book musicians every Friday and Saturday evening from 7-10pm. We also have a weekly acoustic jam on Thursdays and a monthly open mic on the last Thursday of the month, which is a good way for new musicians to get on our radar. We also often book bands on festival days and during town-wide events, such as Canada Day, and during our annual Oktoberfest.

  • What kind of music do you book?

    We book mainly solo and duo acoustic acts, but we do occasionally hire bands for special events as well. Mostly we host performers who do acoustic rock/pop, folk, country, jazz, and blues, but we are open to other genres.

    Please note: We do not allow performers to use pre-recorded backing tracks. If you're playing live, we want to hear you play live. Looping pedals are okay, however.

  • Are you open to original music?

    Unlike a lot of bars, we encourage original music as well as cover songs. We love to support local songwriters.

  • Do you have a PA?

    We have a mid-range Bose tower that is suitable for most acoustic solo/duo performers. If you'd rather bring your own PA so that you don't have to work with an unfamiliar system that's fine with us.

    Performers are responsible to bring their own mics, stands, and cables.

  • Can I sell merch?

    If you have CDs or merch, you are very welcome to bring some to sell at your show.

  • How much do you pay?

    We are a small venue, and pay comparable rates with other bars in our area. We also provide beer and a meal to performers.

  • How many sets should I play?

    Most performers play three 45-minute sets with short breaks between. Some choose to do two longer sets or even to play straight through.



Tuesday to Thursday
Noon - 10 PM
Friday to Sunday
Noon - 10 PM


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