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La Reine d'hiver Dunkelweiss

Ingredients: Malted barley, malted wheat, hops, brewer's yeast, water

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Reine d’Hiver is a warming presence for a cold time. Our example of the copper brown Dunkelweizen style, this Queen balances the majestic, slightly chocolate maltyness with tettnang hops and a subtle clove, banana bread character delivered from the weizen ale yeast. Best served with smoked cheese, roasted meats or your favourite dessert.

What people are saying

“A perfect beer for this winter day.”

Christian Paquette – Untappd

“Sunday afternoon, early December, not exactly warm outside, we warmed our hearts with the Reine d’hiver, a formidable dunkelweiss from Cardinal. Spices, a magical touch of banana bread and that little something that makes you want to come back.”

Yanick Michaud – Untappd

“Sweet and smooth. Dash of banana! Cheers 🍻!”

Julien Couture – Untappd

“Beautiful foam. A beer to take in the evening after dinner. Chocolate taste present. Very good.”

Charles Deguire – Untappd

“Very well executed style. This beer is really underrated in my opinion.”

Jean-François Lortie – Untappd

“A December treat!”

Dale Veilleux – Untappd

Where to buy

La Reine d’hiver is a special seasonal release, available exclusively at Tite Frette boutiques throughout Quebec and direct from Microbrasserie Cardinal.

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