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Le Krampus Spiced Bock

Ingredients: Water, barley malts, hops, brewer's yeast

It’s the warm things that make us appreciate the cold: thick wool, a crackling fire…It’s the cozy comfort that gives us our love for the long dark season. In the past, the short cold days brought us terrifying stories of monsters and wickedness, told with laughter, but especially around a fire and with full bellies.

Krampus is one of those stories and the Krampus Winter Bock is one of those cozy, comforting things that brings out the best in our winter days and nights. Krampus is an amber German-style spicebock, with notes of toasted chestnut and nutmeg that evolve into hints of clove and cinnamon in the beer’s refined aftertaste.

Despite its bold 7.5% ABV, Le Krampus has a crisp mouthfeel and a delicate head. This versatile beer pairs well with everything from spiced roast beef dinners to rich treats like pecan pie.

This seasonal winter beer is a special limited edition, available on tap and in cans at the microbrewery and sold by selected partners while supplies last.

What people are saying

“One of the best winter warmers I had. I wish I found it earlier past winter. Spicy as description implies; warm notes of cinnamon and clove are the highlight for me.”

Pavlo Maznov – Untappd

“Deep and rich, lots of clove notes and nutmeg. Thankfully not a heavy mouth feel, which makes this immensely sippable.”

Katia MO – Untappd

“Unusual but enjoyable flavour. Reminiscent of root beer and/or chinotto. Even the color is similar. Bitter-ish finish.”

Fabio Girolami- Untappd

“Excellent spicy brown. You really taste the sweet caramelized nuts.”

Christiane Paquet – Untappd

“Dark beer, complex spicy taste. Nutmeg, clove. A taste of caramel at the end.”

Franco Iaconelli – Untappd

“Smells like gingerbread baking in the oven, really puts you in that holiday spirit. Taste pretty similar as well, great winter brew, good flavours, can’t even tell its a 7.5% ABV cheers!”

Nick Ciafro – Untappd

Where to buy

Krampus is a special seasonal release, available while supplies last at select retailers and direct from Microbrasserie Cardinal.

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