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Red Spark Kölsch [Sold Out]

Ingredients: Water; malted barley and wheat, beets, hops, brewer’s yeast

A clear, crimson, German-style ale with a creamy pink head.

An easy-drinking ale, similar in flavor to pale, complex lagers, Red Spark offers aromas of apple and pear with a hint of honey. Its moderate bitterness is well balanced by its sweet flavors, making it the perfect beer for sunny afternoons on the dock or cozy evenings by the fire.

Reminiscent of the red and white flag of Cologne from where Kölsch ale originates, the beer takes its name from Cologne’s Rote Funken (Red Sparks), soldiers who wore bold red uniforms and served on behalf of the city state up until the 18th century.

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Red Spark is a special seasonal release, available while supplies last at select retailers and direct from Microbrasserie Cardinal.

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