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Naked Kölsch

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, hops, brewer’s yeast

The Kölsch style was developed in the 1800s in Cologne as an alternative to the bottom-fermenting lagers taking over the brewing industry in Germany. Best consumed fresh, this lagered ale offers subtle malt and hop aromas reminiscent of honey and pear, with light citrus notes. The name, Naked, plays on the stripped down flavours of this authentic-tasting example of the style.  

What people are saying

“German style lager ale; a Kolsch with aromas of fresh bread crumbs, honey and pears. On the palate, we taste the grain, the fruity notes of pears coming from the yeast, slightly honey, dry, floral and herbaceous finish. A good beer.”

Nicholas Pigeon – Untappd

“Dry, slightly malty, pear aromas. Interesting.”

C vertcastle – Untappd

“Very refreshing with a touch of honey and a finishing touch of lemon on the palate. I loved it.”

Eric Morneau – Untappd

“A tasty Kölsch. Refreshing!”

D Mart – Untappd

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Our Naked Kölsch is available at select retailers throughout Quebec and at Microbrasserie Cardinal.

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