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Wanderlust Hefeweizen

Ingredients: Water, malted wheat and barley, hops, brewer’s yeast

Delicately hopped and hazy, with aromas of banana, clove, and citrus, Wanderlust is a classic example of a delicious German Hefeweizen beer. In German, “hefe” refers to the yeast, which remains in suspension giving the German beer its cloudy appearance, while “weizen” denotes the use of wheat. 

Made with over 50% wheat malt, this style of beer originated in Bavaria in the 1500s. Until the late 18th century, however, it was allowed to be made by only the brewers of the Bavarian monarchy. Today, however, Hefeweizen is one of the most popular beer styles in southern Germany and is brewed all over the world.

Where to buy

Our Wanderlust Hefeweizen is available at select retailers throughout Quebec and at Microbrasserie Cardinal.

What people are saying

“Love this because the banana really comes through. My fave from Cardinal!”

Rebecca Stanley – Untappd

“Really nice Weisbeir. Not too wheat with subtle fruit flavours”

Dave Munro – Untappd

“Nice and delicate, no overpowering flavours yet still interesting with the mix.”

Gregory Oomes – Untappd

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